The Joyful Grant Consulting Experience


We make the processes of grant research, funder outreach, funding strategies, and grant applications not only more fruitful, but also more joyful!

About Us!

Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp. is a women-owned and women-led boutique grant consulting and project management firm!

We were founded by Joy Dinkelman after she completed her Master's degree in International Humanitarian Action in 2022. She decided to launch her full-time grant consulting business because she is a cause-driven person skilled in helping non-profits strategize and secure grant funding. 

Joy and her team are passionate about helping social justice non-profits develop clear funding strategies and grant proposals to get the funding they need. This is so they can continue to make further meaningful impacts in their community and provide their life-changing services

Our team is part of the Global Grant Writers Collective, which has secured over $627 million dollars in grant funding! 

The Collective allows us to partner with and collaborate with other expert grant writers and funding strategists, as well as continually learn and improve our skills.

To learn more email joy@joyfulgrant.com!

Meet Your Team!

Hi, I'm Joy! The Lead Grant Consultant & Owner of Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp.

I am a certified grant writer from both Learn Grant Writing and Technical Writer's HQ's certification programs. I am the lead grant consultant in charge of directing all of our projects. I am the main person responsible for providing free consultations, meeting with clients, creating power prospecti, crafting funding strategies, writing compelling grants, and leading grant proposal reviews. I work closely with Judith, Sheema, and Kimberly in order to ensure our work is always top notch!

I have 10+ years working with a variety of non-profits. These range from sustainability; agriculture; education; advocacy; persons with different abilities; refugees, immigrants and migrants; and religious organizations. I have held a variety of non-profit positions spanning roles as grant consultant, grant writer, interim director, training consultant, director, manager, and AmeriCorps Service Member.


Meet Judith! Your Lead Grant Editor

Judith Porter is the founder of Gaia Grants, LLC and partners with Joyful Grant Consulting on various projects. She is the lead grant editor responsible for reviewing and editing our grant applications and attachments before submission. 

As an experienced education professional and grants consultant, she is an invaluable resource to our Team. 


Meet Sheema! Your Independent Editor

Sheema Hai is a freelance grants and non-profit consultant with a background in Parks and Recreation. She partners with Joyful Grant Consulting and is responsible for independently reviewing and editing funding strategies, power prospecti, grant applications and attachments. 

With her background as a consultant, fundraiser, trainer, and educator in both the public and non-profit sectors, and as someone with substantial non-profit board experience, Sheema brings immense talent to our Team!


Meet Kimberly! Your Independent Editor

Kimberly Lang is the founder of Empowered Grants. She is a certified grant writer and freelance grants consultant that partners with Joyful Grant Consulting. Kimberly is the independent editor responsible for independently reviewing and editing our grant applications and attachments. 

As a Grants & Development Consultant and Board Member with Lehigh Valley Girls Rock, and as someone with extensive experience in grant-funded research and evaluation activities, Kimberly is a real asset to our Team!